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School History

Ocean of Light International School, located in the picturesque island nation of Tonga, has a rich and storied history that spans several decades. Founded in 1996, this educational institution has played a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape of Tonga and has contributed significantly to the intellectual and cultural growth of the nation.


In that year, as a response to a need from the community and as a social and economic development project, the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Tonga established the school and registered it as a non-profit institution offering an international standard of education to the population of Tonga. Licensed by the Ministry of Education the school is now a well-known institution in Tonga.

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Overview / History


Nurturing Educational

Ocean of Light is a nurturing educational establishment dedicated to the cultivation, promotion and refinement of the spiritual, intellectual and physical potential of the students entrusted to its care and thereby to the enrichment of the community and a new world civilization. It provides appropriate educational and cultural processes that are conducive to the emotional, moral and academic formation of children and youth who, whilst enthusiastic partners in their own growth and development, will passionately dedicate themselves to the service and welfare of their fellow human beings.It contributes to the betterment of, not only the Tongan community but also the World society by preparing human resources capable of and motivated to participate in the construction of an as yet unimagined new world order.

Social Activities

It achieves this by developing in its students those capacities, skills, attitudes and habits necessary to enable them to provide for their families; to effectively contribute to the peace, prosperity, tranquillity and advancement of mankind and society and to earnestly, in a spirit of service, participate in the creation of new, as yet undefined and even unforeseen, institutions, processes and relationships.


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AS Level

The School has grown from an entity of nine students, one teacher and one assistant in March 1996 to now (2023) comprising almost 600 students, over 44 teachers and assistants and various ancillary staff. It now consists of classes at 14 levels from Kindergarten through to and culminating in the AS Level.

High Standard of Education

The school is known for its high standard of moral and academic education. Moral education is made a central feature of the school curriculum. Ocean of Light International School places a strong emphasis on the moral education of its students, aiming to instil values such as respect, integrity, responsibility and a spirit of service in all its students, from Kindergarten right through and including AS Level.

Extracurricular Activities

These values are woven into the curriculum and reinforced through various extracurricular activities and service initiatives.


ECE Years Ruhi Institute

Cultural Awareness

As an international school, Ocean of Light promotes cultural awareness as well as a global perspective.


. The educational program offered at Ocean of Light International School is primarily that of Cambridge International Schools.

Art Works

However, it is supplemented by other resources such as the Hidden Gems Curriculum for the ECE years, as well as programs from the Ruhi Institute.


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Cambridge Assessment International Education

The Cambridge Assessment International Education (C.A.I.E.) curriculum, which the School offers, is a widely recognized and respected educational program used by schools around the world. It is developed by the University of Cambridge and offers a comprehensive framework for primary and secondary education. The school uses


The Cambridge Primary program. The Cambridge Lower Secondary program. The Cambridge Checkpoint program. The Cambridge International General Certificate for Secondary Education (I.G.C.S.E.) program. The Advanced Subsidiary (A.S.) level program.

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Prestigious Universities

Because of the Cambridge International Curriculum, numerous Ocean of Light graduates have successfully, upon their graduation, enrolled in prestigious universities in Australia, New Zealand, Tonga,

History of Ocean

Fiji, United States, Canada and the like. In conclusion, the history of Ocean of Light International School, Tonga, is a story of vision, dedication, and excellence.

Success of Tonga

Over the years, the school has evolved and grown, shaping the educational landscape of Tonga and preparing generations of students for success in an ever-changing world. As it continues to adapt and innovate,

Students of Tonga

Ocean of Light International School remains a beacon of light in the field of education, illuminating the path to knowledge, virtue, and global citizenship for the students of Tonga.

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